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Meaning of Air (one's) grievances

Air (one's) grievances plural noun

This phrase is used when someone wants to express their complaint or dissatisfaction about something, usually publicly.

After 3 years working for this company, finally she aired her grievances in front of the Boards and all employees.

If they do that shit to me again, I swear I will air my grievances in the next monthly meeting.

I'm tired of hearing him air his grievances again and again.

Other phrases about:

be shitting bricks

Be intensely scared or frightened

put (oneself) in (someone's) shoes

To try to imagine how would you feel if you were in someone's else situation

have mixed feelings (about something)

To have both positive and negative feelings at the same time and be uncertain about something.

feel at home

To feel confident, relaxed, and not worried about doing or using something, or being present in a place or with a person

Grammar and Usage of Air (one's) grievances

Verb Forms

  • airs one's grievances
  • aired one's grievances

This phrase should be conjugated according to its Subject and the sentence's Tense.


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