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Meaning of (as) pissed as a newt


pissed out of one's mind


as pissed as a fart

(as) pissed as a newt British vulgar slang simile

The noun "newt" can be replaced by "fart".

To be awfully drunk to the point of losing all cognitive function.

I think you should call a cab to get home because you're as pissed as a newt.

Randy was pissed as a newt at the party and didn't recall what had happened.

Other phrases about:

as pissed as a fart

To be very drunk

string out

1. To stretch or lengthen something, usually a string or cord of some type.

2. To extend, postpone, or make longer than normal or required.

3. To get intoxicated. Utilized in the passive.

4. To stretch in a line. Utilized in the passive.

can't see a hole in a ladder

1. Be foolish or stupid

2. Be drunk


1. The full capacity of a skin container.

2. An amount of alcohol that is enough to get drunk

on the blink

1. Not functioning properly.

2. Drunken.

Origin of (as) pissed as a newt

Royal Navy junior ensigns. (Image Source: DailyMail)

The expression came from Nelson's time. At that time, Royal Navy junior ensigns were known as "newts." Since they were so young, they can get drunk easily with just a little amount of rum.


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