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Meaning of (as) thick as mince


be (as) thick as a brick , be (as) thick as a short plank , be (as) thick as two short planks , Dead from the Neck Up

(as) thick as mince British simile

Extremely stupid

After the test, I found myself as thick as mince to make such a silly mistake.

Though he knew she was a gold digger, he gave her all his money. He was as thick as mince.

She is thick as mince to love that bad man.

Other phrases about:

(as) silly as a wheel

Very stupid, or silly

not the full shilling

Stupid or crazy

not know (one's) ass from a hole in the ground

To be extremely stupid; not to be alert 

off your trolley
Insane or foolish.

(n): a fool person, 

(adj): stupid, foolish, silly

Origin of (as) thick as mince

The origin of this slang is not clear.


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(as) steady as a rock

Being very powerful


I always thought that their marriage was steady as a rock..

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