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Meaning of Be shitting bricks

Be shitting bricks vulgar informal slang

Be intensely scared or frightened

We were all shitting bricks because a dog chased after us.

She lives alone, so she was shitting bricks when she indistinctly heard a voice of waking her up.

Other phrases about:

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To try to imagine how would you feel if you were in someone's else situation

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to show public complaint and dissatisfaction.

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To have both positive and negative feelings at the same time and be uncertain about something.

feel at home

To feel confident, relaxed, and not worried about doing or using something, or being present in a place or with a person

Grammar and Usage of Be shitting bricks

The verb "be" should be conjugated according to its tense.

Origin of Be shitting bricks

The explanation for this  slang may be based on a very funny fact that feeling scared, frightened and anxious causes constipation. So in many situations, you can't relax your asshole to take a shit because you are overwhelmed and stressed. And when you finally push it out, it feels like you've release a turd similar to a brick, and we have the phrase "be shitting bricks".

The Origin Cited: Internet .

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