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Meaning of Crumb bum



Crumb bum American informal

countable noun

Someone who is regarded as not good enough to deserve respect or attention, such as a hobo, bum or tramp.

How did he manage to rise to fame from a crumb bum?

I've given that crumb bum 100 dollars to let him go.


Be poor in quality

The food here is crumb bum! I will never come back to this restaurant once again.

I think it's time to remove this crumb bum sofa.

Other phrases about:

be brought low
to become poor, humble or less powerful and influential 
dead broke

Be broke 

make ends meet
To have just enough money to be able to buy the things you need
the cupboard is bare

No food in the house or no money.

Origin of Crumb bum

A "bum" has long been an Americanism for a tramp. The "crumb" may come from the irritating or useless character of bread crumbs or toaster crumbs, but it is possible (despite the spelling) that the first syllable derives from "crummy" as in worthless, detestable. The internal rhyme solidifies the expression.

The Origin Cited: Internet .

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