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Meaning of Dish fit for the gods


fit for a king , fit for the gods

Dish fit for the gods British phrase

This phrase appears in the play Julius Caesar, written by the famous English playwright William Shakespeare. It showed the power of Gods was more than human so that the food was also top quality.

The dish of the highest, most perfect quality

My mother is such wonderful chef. The dishes that she cook are dish fit for the gods.

Generally, my brother's culinary skill is not great but today he has made a cake that is dish fit for the gods.

Other phrases about:

juice and cookies

Snacks and drinks that are simple and unsatisfying


Used to refer to a substance that is gummy and sticky such as gravy, soup, etc.

confirm (one) in (something)

To perform a religious sacrament, ritual or rite that ties one more closely to one's religion

fill (one's) face

To eat a large amount of food within a short period of time

Origin of Dish fit for the gods

This phrase comes from Shakespeare's 1601 Julius Caesar play. When Brutus killed Caesar, he told his men to be gentle. His speech said that even if they kill Caesar and he's bleeding, people shouldn't tear him apart. Brutus asked Caesar to be carved that he could be a dish fit for the Gods.


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