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Meaning of Duck-squeezer


earth biscuit , tree hugger , eagle freaks , granola

Duck-squeezer American noun phrase informal slang

A pejorative word for someone who is an environmentalist, and deeply concerned about conservation, particularly the rescue of oil-splattered ducks.

The duck-squeezers were protesting at the dam's construction site.

It doesn't concern me that they refer to me as a duck-squeezer.

Other phrases about:

an eagle freak

Used to refer to an ardent environmentalist in an insulting way

stuffed shirt

Someone who is pretentious and stuffy.


1. Used to describe someone who is old-fashioned or conservative

2. Used to refer to a person whose ideas and attitudes are old-fashioned

Grammar and Usage of Duck-squeezer

Noun Forms

  • a duck-squeezer
  • duck-squeezers
  • the duck-squeezer

Origin of Duck-squeezer

This term derives from Neal Town Stephenson's novel Zodiac published in 1988.


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