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Meaning of Dumbski

Dumbski adjective offensive noun slang

This slang can also be used as an adjective as well as a noun.

Used to describe someone stupid, foolish, or silly

I felt like a dumbski after handing in my money to an untrustworthy man.

Before being spectacularly successful, Bill Gates also made some dumbski business mistakes.

She still loves him dearly though she knew he cheated on her. She is such a dumbski.

Even though she realized that he is a fraud, she followed what he said. What a dumbski girl!

Other phrases about:

(as) thick as mince

Extremely stupid

(as) silly as a wheel

Very stupid, or silly

Chinless wonder

A very offensive term used to describe an upper-class British man who is stupid or inexperienced

not the full shilling

Stupid or crazy

not know (one's) ass from a hole in the ground

To be extremely stupid; not to be alert 

Origin of Dumbski

The origin of this slang is not clear


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