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Meaning of Fill (one's) face


feed one's face , stuff one’s face

Fill (one's) face slang

To eat a large amount of food within a short period of time or eat greedily

She was filling her face when I came.

A: Would you like a piece of pizza? B: No, thanks. I'm not hungry, I have already filled my face earlier.

The men started filling his face, and after finishing 2 big bowls of noodle, he felt satiated.

when he is filling his face, he doesn't want to talk with anyone.

Other phrases about:

dish fit for the gods
The meal with exemplary quality
juice and cookies

Snacks and drinks that are simple and unsatisfying


Used to refer to a substance that is gummy and sticky such as gravy, soup, etc.

munch out (on something)

To eat too much

Grammar and Usage of Fill (one's) face

Verb Forms

  • fill (one's) face
  • fills (one's) face
  • filled (one's) face
  • filling (one's) face

The verb "fill" should be conjugated according to its tense. 


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