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Meaning of Gronk

Gronk slang informal

Used to describe a nasty substance, such as dirt between the toes.

Look at this gronk! When was the last time you washed your legs?


I don't want to waste money on a gronk piece of land.

To stop working.

My car's engine gronked this morning while I am driving to work.

To sleep.

My grandfather usually gronks for an hour after lunch.

Other phrases about:

cop some Z's

To get some sleep

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To crash into someone or something while moving in the air


Used to refer to a substance that is gummy and sticky such as gravy, soup, etc.

put (someone or something) to bed

1. To help someone prepare to get into bed, especially kids

2. To finish something or some first preparatory steps

3. To stop discussing, considering, or focusing on something

Go Down In Flames
To fail or crash suddenly and spectacularly

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