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Meaning of Have mixed feelings (about something)


mixed emotions

Have mixed feelings (about something) Verb + object/complement informal

To have both positive and negative feelings at the same time and be uncertain about something.

I have mixed feelings about my trip to Japan. I'm impressed by the people, but the food disappoints me.

She had mixed feelings about her marriage. On the one hand, she married a wealthy man. On the other hand, she had to live with his stepchild.

Jane has mixed feelings about the new manager. He's kind to clients but nasty to employees.

Other phrases about:

to keep your spirits up
To stay optimistic and positive; to encourage someone in a difficult situation
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People's arms linked together to show the intimacy between two people.

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A child with great talent and intelligence will lose those qualities over time.

expect the unexpected

To not wonder, worry or be surprised about what is not predicted will happen in life because anything could happen

Grammar and Usage of Have mixed feelings (about something)

Verb Forms

  • to have mixed feelings (about something)
  • has mixed feelings (about something)
  • having mixed feelings (about something)
  • had mixed feelings about

The verb "have" should be conjugated according to its tense.



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