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Meaning of Hedge your bets

Hedge your bets informal verb phrase

Take two courses of action/ make one more choice at the same time to avoid or lessen the risk of potential losses; Support more than one side in a competition to avoid potential future loss. 

It is too risky to invest a large sum of money in an only bank because you never know what may happen. In this case, you should hedge your bets by investing it in at least two banks to minimize the risk of losing your money.

Alex hedged his bets to reduce the risk of being jobless by applying for various other jobs at the same time.

I don't want to lose the bet so I hedged my bets by supporting both teams in the match.

Other phrases about:

drastic times call for drastic measures

When you experience extreme and undesirable situations, it is probably essential to take extreme actions

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A ministering angel is a kind-hearted person, providing help, support and comfort for people
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A desire to do something, which is random, sudden and unaccountable

swing into action
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throw/put your weight behind something

Use one's influence and power to support someone

Grammar and Usage of Hedge your bets

Verb Forms

  • To Hedge Your Bets
  • Hedged your bets
  • Hedging your bets
  • Hedges your bets

The verb "hedge" should be conjugated according to its tense.


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The author of your own misfortune
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