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Meaning of (it) don't bother me none

(it) don't bother me none spoken language

An informal way to say that it doesn't bother me any.


You can turn on the TV as it don't bother me none.

A: Can I turn on the AC? B: Sure, it don't bother me none.

A: Can I sit here? B: Yes, it don't bother me none.

Other phrases about:

(slip/be thrown) out of gear

Not working properly

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To make someone feel angry or upset

put (one) off (one's) stride

To take someone's attention away from, or interfere with what they are doing, so that they are unable to do it well

make a rod for (one's) own back

To do something in the present that is likely to cause you troubles or difficulties in the future

break someone's heart

If you say that someone breaks your heart, you mean that he makes you sad by ending a romantic relationship with you or doing anything that has caused you a great deal of distress.


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