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Meaning of Juice and cookies

Juice and cookies noun phrase

Snacks and drinks that are simple and unsatisfying

He gave me juice and cookies, which made me feel unsatisfied.

We are surprised by what Jane had prepared for her birthday party, nothing but juice and cookies.

We'll be right back after juice and cookies.

After some juice and cookies, you'll probably feel better.

Other phrases about:

dish fit for the gods
The meal with exemplary quality

Used to refer to a substance that is gummy and sticky such as gravy, soup, etc.

fill (one's) face

To eat a large amount of food within a short period of time


A kind of drink containing alcohol


1. Used to refer to a place where one can buy snacks on a ship or similar vessel of the US Navy or Coast Guard

2. Used to refer to snack foods such as ice cream, potato chips, and candy


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