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Keep something in proportion In english explanation

The meaning, explanation, definition and origin of the idiom/phrase "keep something in proportion", English Idiom Dictionary (also found in Vietnamese)

Zesty Y 2021-05-04 07:05

Meaning of Keep something in proportion

Keep something in proportion verb phrase

To respond in a sensible manner and not overestimate or exaggerate the importance, negativity, or significance of a situation

No matter what happens, he always keeps things in proportion.

Since the advent of social media, people are more unlikely to keep simple problems in proportion.

If I were him in that situation, I would try to keep things in proportion.

Grammar and Usage of Keep something in proportion

Verb Forms

  • Keeping Something In Proportion
  • Keeps Something In Proportion
  • Kept Something In Proportion

The verb "keep" must be conjugated accoridng to its tense.

Origin of Keep something in proportion

This phrase is formed based on one meaning of he word "proportion": the correct relationship in size, degree, importance, etc. between one thing and another or between the parts of a whole

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