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Meaning of Motion lotion

Motion lotion slang uncountable

a liquid or material to fuel/oil to make something run smoother, especially for machine or sex purposes.

- "Motion lotion"? What is that? - To fuel my truck.

"Our gas is running out. We need to stop at the next station to get some motion lotion." - My father said.

Motion lotion is dispensable for our sex life.

I don't care what you have done with it, but put that motion lotion tube away from my sight, now!

Other phrases about:


Used to refer to a substance that is gummy and sticky such as gravy, soup, etc.


1. Used to describe a nasty substance, such as dirt between the toes.

2. Valueless.

3. To stop working.

4. To sleep.

grey amber

a waxy substance produced naturally by a type of whale to make some perfumes.


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