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Meaning of Off your trolley


out of your mind , off your head

Off your trolley British phrase informal slang

Acting stupidly or crazily.

I thought he was off his trolley when he decided to move out.

Everybody thinks I'm out of my trolley, but I'm pretty confident in myself.

Other phrases about:

(as) thick as mince

Extremely stupid

(as) silly as a wheel

Very stupid, or silly

Chinless wonder

A very offensive term used to describe an upper-class British man who is stupid or inexperienced

not the full shilling

Stupid or crazy

not know (one's) ass from a hole in the ground

To be extremely stupid; not to be alert 

Grammar and Usage of Off your trolley

Possessive Adjectives

  • Off Their Trolley
  • off his trolley
  • off your trolley

Origin of Off your trolley

The operation of a trolleybus. (Image Source: RaillyNews)

The expression came into use in the 1890s and is most likely related to the operation of a trolley. Trolleys operate by running along with electric cables above that attach to a metal arm on top of the cab. However, these arms sometimes lurch off the electric cable. Once disconnected from the electric cable, a trolley has no source of power.


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