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Meaning of POSH - Port out, starboard home


high class , posh , rich , deluxe

POSH - Port out, starboard home adjective informal

This is an informal word to express deluxe, rich, people from high social class, sometimes this word is used as a sarcastic word for rich people. 

Like someone from a high social class

Donald Trump speaks like a posh.

A posh never swears !

expensive, comfortable, high quality

In the 30th of April 1975, there were some people which left the country with helicopters in a posh way

A rich kid always stay in a posh shack

a posh hotel/restaurant

Other phrases about:

price yourself/something out of the market

To change the price of something

a plum in (one's) mouth

Primally used in the UK to indicate the typical manner of communication from the high social class

cost a bomb

Used to indicate something that is very expensive

He wears a ten-dollar hat on a five-cent head

He is rich but also stupid.

cost a packet

Have a very high price

Grammar and Usage of POSH - Port out, starboard home

Origin of POSH - Port out, starboard home

There are many stories involved in the origin of the word 'POSH'. One of which is that the word 'POSH' derives from the 'port out, starboard home' legend supposedly printed on tickets of passengers on P&O (Peninsula and Orient) passenger vessels that travelled between UK and India in the days of the Raj. The tickets with printed word 'POSH' are usually deluxe tickets for rich, important people hence the meaning of the word 'POSH'. The first recorded of the word being used like the modern definition is in a cartoon (named Punch) on September 1918.

The Origin Cited:

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