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Meaning of Put (oneself) in (someone's) shoes


put (oneself) in (someone's) position/place , stand in someone's shoes

Put (oneself) in (someone's) shoes verb phrase

To try to imagine how would you feel if you were in someone's else situation

When putting ourselves in others' shoes, we can easily forgive their mistakes.

When putting myself in his shoes, I can partly understand why he did it.

Stop judging him! Why don't you put yourself in his shoes?

Other phrases about:

read somebody like a book

To understand easily what someone is thinking or feeling


strong nerves
An ability to not be upset by unpleasant things.
be shitting bricks

Be intensely scared or frightened

deja vu
a feeling of having previously experienced something in the present situation

Grammar and Usage of Put (oneself) in (someone's) shoes

Verb Forms

  • puts (oneself) in (someone's) shoes
  • putting (oneself) in (someone's) shoes

The verb "put" must be conjugated according to its tense.

Origin of Put (oneself) in (someone's) shoes

The origin of this phrase is not clear.


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