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Meaning of Sell the farm


To bet the farm/ranch

Sell the farm verb phrase

When you sell the farm on something you risk all of your assets to invest in it.

John went bankrupt after he sold the farm on a huge business venture.

Don’t sell the farm on these stocks.

She wants to run a restaurant but she is not willing to sell the farm on it.

Other phrases about:

spare no expense/pains/trouble doing something

To spend much time, money or effort for something that is necessary. 

Grammar and Usage of Sell the farm

Verb Forms

  • sells the farm
  • sold the farm
  • selling the farm

The verb "sell" should be conjugated according to its tense.

Origin of Sell the farm

Source: Internet

The expression originates from North America in the 19th century. People usually sold their farms or ranches on a poker game in the Wild West, and in the urban area, people also might bet their houses in the same situation. This phrase is often used with a negative meaning which means “I won’t sell/bet the farm on it because it is uncertain.”


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