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Meaning of Soften/cushion the blow


cushion the shock , sweeten the deal , sugar the pill , save one's bacon , soften the impact

Soften/cushion the blow American bare infinitive verb informal

Depending on user's liking, nouns such as impact and shock can be used instead of blow. When we say we want to soften/cushion the blow means that we want to make an unpleasant change easier to accept; to make one's disappointment less painful.

To make a bad experience less serious; to lessen the impact of something negative 

When she lost her cat, all the pictures they took together became a good memory that cushioned the blow.

She was fired but received a better opportunity not long after, which cushioned the blow.

Other phrases about:

to make something count
to ensure that the maximum benefit is obtained or to make something have as useful and positive an effect as possible
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When you experience extreme and undesirable situations, it is probably essential to take extreme actions
what the eye doesn't see (the heart doesn't grieve over)
You cannot feel upset, angry or worried about something if you do not know about it.
keep the wolf from the door

Manage to earn enough money to buy food and other essential things

Grammar and Usage of Soften/cushion the blow

Verb Forms

  • softening/cushioning the blow
  • to soften/cushion the blow
  • softened/cushioned the blow

Starting of the idiom is a verb, we need to conjugate tense for the verb.

Origin of Soften/cushion the blow

(Image Source: Internet)


This idiom derives from the thought of reducing the damage force of one thing hitting another by surrounding or covering it with something soft.

The Origin Cited: Internet .

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