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Meaning of Strong nerves


steady nerves , steel nerves , calmness , nerves of steel

Strong nerves British noun phrase

Noun such as stomach is sometimes used instead of nerves. I don't have a strong stomach, so I could never be a surgeon. You can use "to have a strong stomach" as well. You need a strong stomach to go on the giant roller coaster.

The ability to deal with difficult or unpleasant situations.

Working as a hospital casualty personnel must have strong nerves.

You must have strong nerves to dare to cheat in front of the exam invigilator during the exam.

You must have had strong nerves to investigate this murder case.

The ability to experience or witness something unpleasant without becoming upset, nauseous, or squeamish.

I don't have strong nerves to be a forensic pathologist who often deals with death bodies.

Someone has strong nerves enough to watch horror movies which are pretty gory. Those are absolutely not for me!

She must have strong nerves that she can try those kinds of weird food which are made of insects.

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(as) steady as a rock

Being very powerful


I always thought that their marriage was steady as a rock..

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