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To lower the boom in english explanation

The meaning, explanation, defination and origin of the idiom/phrase "To lower the boom", English Idiom Dictionary ( also found in Vietnamese )

by Hung Vu on 2020-02-29 11:02

Verb Forms

  • Has One Over The Eight
  • Has One Track Minds

Meaning of To lower the boom

To lower the boom verb to-infinitive
1. To punish someone or something harshly.

He's a really strict teacher, so he'll definitely lower the boom on you if you don't do your homework.

Well, Mom lowered the boom on me and grounded me for a month because I came home after curfew again.

The boss really lowered the boom on us this week... he was furious that we failed to meet our sales targets and some of my co-workers are afraid that they might lose their jobs.

2. To halt something or bring about its end or put a stop to something

I used demerits to lower the boom on silliness in my class.


Origin of To lower the boom

The idiom “lower the boom” has a nautical origin.

A Boom: The horizontal support for the foot of the mainsail which extends aft of the mast. This is what you want to watch out for when changing directions in a sailboat. It can give you quite a wallop on the head if it hits you.

lower the boom explanation
A “boom” is a long pole or spar on a sailing vessel which is attached to the ship’s mast

Booms are also used backstage in theatres to move scenery. If someone actually lowered a boom upon your head, you would be knocked out! If you were struck in the head by the boom, you would be rendered unconscious and awaken with a rather nasty headache!

“Lower the boom” means to chastise rather sternly and harshly reprimand someone who did something bad. It means to be scolded and severely punished. When someone “lowers the boom” they are acting forcefully in their punishment. “Lowers the boom” is another way of saying “throw the book” at him. This is not a particularly popular saying and isn’t used rarely. It does, however, show case how rich the English language is, drawing from a wide range of sources.

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