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Meaning of To rob the cradle


cradle-robber , cradle-snatchers , sugar daddy , toy boy , May-September romance , old buffalo grazes on young glass

To rob the cradle American British to-infinitive disapproval offensive informal

This is an English idiom that similar to a Vietnamese idiom "Old buffalo grazes on young grass". It means to date or having relationship with someone that is significantly younger than yourself, or it could mean to take a liking to younger people.

American British informal have a romantic or sexual relationship with or marry someone much younger than oneself.

But suddenly Taylor looked bad, robbing the cradle for a high school student.

Oh that teacher robs the cradle usually. You are a girl and your score will be high.


American British offensive informal A pedophilia, usually dates someone much younger. 

Minh Slim is dating a secondary schooler. He is obviously robbing the cradle

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Grammar and Usage of To rob the cradle

  • a cradle-robber
  • cradle-snatcher
  • cradle-snatching

More examples:





Origin of To rob the cradle

Rob means to steal and cradle is a bed for a baby. Therefore, someone who robs a cradle, in a literal sense, is stealing a young baby from its cradle, away from its mom and dad.

The figurative sense uses this imagery to imply that an older person dating a much younger person is also stealing a child away from his or her parents. This expression originated in the first half of the 1900s.

A lesser-used meaning involves any type of exploitation of the very young. 

The Origin Cited: Farlex Partner Idioms Dictionary .

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