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Meaning of To stand corrected


Mea culpa , my bad

To stand corrected formal spoken language verb phrase

To admit or accept that something you have done or said was wrong

Now I listen to your opinions. I stand corrected.

I stand corrected - it's November 9, not 8 like I said.

Well, now I know it, I stand corrected.

Other phrases about:

take (something) as gospel

If you say that you take something as gospel, you mean that you believe it without questioning or suspecting.

take (someone) as (one) finds them

Used to say that you accept someone as they are without judging them for their faults,or the strange habit or feature of their character

I don't mind admitting, telling you..., etc.

Used when you want to tell someone something even if it can make you embarrassed or depict you unfavorably

in (all) conscience

With no guilt

on the reezie

Used to express that something is very accurate or definitely true. 

Grammar and Usage of To stand corrected

Verb Forms

  • stood corrected
  • stands corrected
  • standing corrected

The verb "stand" should be conjugated according to its tense.

Origin of To stand corrected

(Image Source:

The idiom was first recorded in The Maiden Queen (1668) by John Dryden.


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Stranger things have happened
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