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Meaning of Win/earn your spurs


distinguish yourself , Earn Your Stripes

Win/earn your spurs formal

To prove one's ability in a particular type of activity and gain one's first honors of other people.

Being an actor, you should win your spurs by good movies, not scandals.

Mary is focusing on her first novel in order to earn her spurs as a writer.

Other phrases about:

the sweet smell of success
The pleasant experience of being successful
be going places

someone will be successful.

a golden key can open any door
Anything can be accomplished with sufficient money (or the promise of it)

A go-getter is a determined and ambitious person who works very hard to become successful without being afraid of difficulties and challenges.

(one) has a bright future ahead (of one)

One has the potential for being successful in the future ahead.

Grammar and Usage of Win/earn your spurs

Verb Forms

  • winning/earning your spurs
  • won/earned your spurs
  • to win/earn your spurs

Starting of the idiom is a verb, so it needs to be conjugated.

More examples:

Jack has just won his first spurs in his political career with that great speech.

No one knows how she earned her spurs.

Origin of Win/earn your spurs

In the Middle Ages, a knight was distinctively marked by a pair of gilt spurs, which meant he had attained knighthood by performing an act of bravery.

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