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Meaning of Worship the ground someone walks on


look up to (one)

Worship the ground someone walks on American phrase

To show absolute respect, admiration or love to someone

Michael is such a legend. All his fans worship the ground he walks on.

She worships the ground her father walks on.

He was the man of her dreams. She worshiped the ground he walked on.

Other phrases about:

put sb on a pedestal

Believe that someone is a perfect person with no faults

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
If a person imitates what you do, it means that person loves or admires you a lot.
fall on (one's) knees

To go down on one or both of one's knees in order to express respect, awe, penitence, subjection or reverence

hold sb in high/low repute
To show a big/small respect for someone
pay tribute to (someone or something)

To praise, admire, or respect someone or something in a public way

Grammar and Usage of Worship the ground someone walks on

Verb Forms

  • worshiping the ground someone walks on
  • worships the ground someone walks on
  • worshiped the ground someone walked on

The verb "worship" and "walk" should be conjugated according to its tense. 

Origin of Worship the ground someone walks on


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