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When you access the website, you agree to our policies for users below. The policy is subject to change without notice, please check this link regularly for the latest updates (content updated on August 13, 2019).

Use of cookies
A Cookie is a small file stored under a user's computer when accessing and using our services. When you access, you agree that we are allowed to use cookies on your computer. Cookies allow us to analyze traffic to our services, keeping historical information about the pages you have visited to provide you with a better user experience such as recent page views. We use Cookies only for the purpose of statistics and the better improvement of the efficiency of the website , thereafter cookies will be removed from the system. Cookies only allow us to access your information from Youridioms.Com and we cannot access any other information about you.
If you believe we are holding unauthorized information about you or your information is incorrect. Please email us via We will correct or delete information according to your request.

Users' data we collect
Every time you visit our website or use our services, the system will use cookies or other techniques to store information such as IP address, url, browser type, language, date and time of access, or use of the Service.
When you register as a member, you provide us with some personal information, such as your full name, email address, and/or other information.

How we use the information
We may use your personal information to improve the quality of the service, to send you notifications about new services of, or third party services that we believe will be helpful to you. We may use your personal information in research or analysis to operate and upgrade's technologies. We may combine personal information provided by you with information other than the service or from third parties to analyze the content that interests you. We may use your personal information to determine whether you may be interested in any third party products or services.
We do not provide third parties with your personal information except in the following cases:

  • You agree to us providing your personal information to third parties.
  • We believe it is necessary to provide your personal information to third parties, for example: in order to comply with legal requirements, prevent crime or protect national security, or safety resulting for users, the public, etc.
  • A third party is the entity that acquires all or most of the legal entity owned by
  • The personal information is anonymous data about visitors and traffic to We may share this type of information with third parties so that they can learn about the types of visitors and traffic, and use the service that enhances service quality.

We use advertising services from 3rd parties to serve ads when you access and use the service of These companies may combine and use your anonymous data when you visit the site (excluding information you have provided to such as phone number, name, and email) or other websites to display ads.
We allow third parties to advertise on and collect information such as web browser, operating system, date, IP address, and interactions to the ads such as mouse click, mouse hover, or mouse scroll  over billboards. But visitors do not identify themselves when accessing

We keep information provided from registered members such as name, email, phone number on the system and hard disk information confidential. We guarantee and continually maintain assurances the information is confidential, and always increase security to prevent any illegal access to the system such as information of registered members, but information collected during the use of our services (mentioned above).

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