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Meaning of A beetle brain


the conehead , Cabbage head

A beetle brain American British noun slang

A person who is low-witted or stupid

I know you're a smart guy, but sometimes you act like a beetle brain.

I don't know why my brother is such a beetle brain when it comes to physics.

Don't ask him these questions. He is a beetle brain.

Other phrases about:

Just Fell Off the Turnip Truck

Used to describe someone who is naive, gullible, inexperienced, easily fooled, ignorant, unsophisticated, etc.

need (to have) your head examined

To  say, or believe something or someone that seems completely crazy, delusional, or stupid

not know (one's) ass from a hole in the ground

To be extremely stupid; not to be alert 

Doesn't know shit from Shinola

Be ignorant innocent or totally unaware; not know what's what


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