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Meaning of A golden key can open any door


every man has his price

A golden key can open any door proverb spoken language informal

Everything, even a difficult problem can be accomplished with enough money

I was suprised that Peter got into a good school because he was not a good student. Now I understand a golden key can open any door.

Although I went to the meeting late, I still had a seat. A golden key can open any door.

Other phrases about:

be going places

someone will be successful.

make up leeway

To overcome some disadvantage or get out of a bad situation when you have already lost a lot of time for it

to pinch pennies

save as much money as possible

win/earn your spurs
Achieve recognition for your skills.
the squeaky wheel gets the grease

Used to to emphasize that attention is paid to the individuals who complain or cause problems

Grammar and Usage of A golden key can open any door

Origin of A golden key can open any door

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The first person who is known to have written this idiom down is the English playwright John Lyly, in Euphues and his England, 1580. His work was later made popular in a movie called The magic Christian.


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