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Meaning of Chinless wonder

Chinless wonder Australia British noun informal

This is a term used to derogate or insult males that comes from wealthy or aristocratic family in Britain. That particular person has his position through nepotism or wealthiness, not by his own competence. Or the term is used to describe the person  who is stupid, weak, dim-witted. 

- Hey man, did you hear about that chinless wonder of a guy getting promoted ? - Yeah man, its totally foreseeable since his father is one of the main shareholder.

That guy who is a chinless wonder, has a three generations as aristocrats.

Do you ever feel hopeless to realize that although you tried your best at work, some chinless wonders of a person can still easily overtake your work ?

Other phrases about:

(as) silly as a wheel

Very stupid, or silly

not the full shilling

Stupid or crazy

off your trolley
Insane or foolish.

(n): a fool person, 

(adj): stupid, foolish, silly


Used when someone is acting silly or stupid in order to avoid doing something or completing a task

Grammar and Usage of Chinless wonder

'Chinless wonder' is a singular noun so it needs to be used with auxiliary verbs.

Origin of Chinless wonder

The exact time frame when the term appeared is unknown. The term originated from the reputation of the British aristocrats  who often have recessive chins, popularly thought to be caused from inbreeding and mainly associated with limited intelligence. It is opposite to the common idea that a robust chin means masculinity. The word 'wonder' is to add ironicalness to the term. 

The Origin Cited:

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