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Meaning of Fuck (one's) brains out

Fuck (one's) brains out vulgar slang

To have sex many times, usually within the whole daytime or nighttime period

Other phrases about:

size queen

Someone only loves their sexual partner who has a large penis. 


Used to imply a sexually promiscuous woman

jump (one's) bones

To make love or have sex with someone

if there's grass on the field, play ball

When one has pubic hair, he or she is able to have sex.

a notch in (someone's) bedpost

Used to refer a person who one has a sexual relationship with but it often lasts one night

Grammar and Usage of Fuck (one's) brains out

Verb Forms

  • fucks one's brains out
  • fucking one's brains out
  • fucked one's brains out

The verb "fuck" should be conjugated according to the sentence's tense.


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