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Meaning of Lose (one's) shit

Lose (one's) shit vulgar verb phrase

Have an outburst of an emotion, especially anger; lose the ability to think clearly

My mom lost her shit when knowing that I played truant today.

He totally lost his shit when he knew the truth.

The girl lost her shit when knowing her boyfriend cheating on her.

Other phrases about:

in the heat of the moment
To do or say something without thinking carefully because you're too excited or angry
spit blood/venom/feathers

Express one's feelings of anger very strongly in spoken words

strong nerves
An ability to not be upset by unpleasant things.
shoot daggers at (one)

To look or glare very angrily at someone

Grammar and Usage of Lose (one's) shit

Verb Forms

  • lost one's shit
  • losing one's shit
  • lose one's shit
  • loses (one's) shit
The verb "lose" should be conjugated according to its tense.

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