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Meaning of Love begets love

Love begets love proverb

If you behave lovingly or kindly to someone, they will behave in a similar way to yourself or to others.

I really believe in the saying, "Love begets love." Therefore, I always try to be nice to everyone I meet.

A: "How can you be so forgiving? I would lose my shit if I were you." B: "It's always better to have a friend than an enemy. Love begets love, my guy."

Bạn không thể thô lỗ với mọi người xung quanh và mong họ tôn trọng bạn. Tình yêu sinh ra tình yêu mà anh bạn.

Other phrases about:

to rob the cradle
have a romantic or sexual relationship with or marry someone much younger than oneself.
Ministering angel shall my sister be
A ministering angel is a kind-hearted person, providing help, support and comfort for people
out of the goodness of your heart
Kindness; out of personal generosity and not because you have been asked or expect a reward
put sb on a pedestal

Believe that someone is a perfect person with no faults

slap and tickle

Loving gestures of couples such as petting, kissing, and cuddling


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have/get your shit together

To reorganize your own circumstances


You failed the exam twice because you were lazy, you have to get your shit together if you want to graduate. 

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