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(stark) raving mad/bonkers In english explanation

The meaning, explanation, definition and origin of the idiom/phrase "(stark) raving mad/bonkers", English Idiom Dictionary (also found in Vietnamese)

Zesty Y 2021-05-03 06:05

Meaning of (stark) raving mad/bonkers


be stark staring mad

(stark) raving mad/bonkers informal

Totally insane; overflowing with emotion, especially rage or enthusiasm

The sudden ear-piercing noise at mid-night drove me stark raving bonkers.

The grumpy old man was stark raving mad as he had been waiting for the bus too long.

The appearance of a personality in a public place made fans raving bonkers.

Origin of (stark) raving mad/bonkers

An earlier version was 'stark staring mad,' which was first mentioned in John Dryden's Persius Flaccus, 1693: "Art thou of Bethlem's Noble College free? Stark, staring mad." In the novel The Intriguing Chambermaid, published in 1734, Henry Fielding used the phrase "stark raving crazy" for the first time:"I find I am distracted! I am stark raving mad!"

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