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Meaning of Stinking rich

Stinking rich adjective phrase slang

To be extremely rich

Jacob's family is well-known for being stinking rich in the village.

He is an only child and grew up in a stinking rich family.

I know Janice's background is normal, but she acts as if she comes from a stinking rich family.

Other phrases about:

to pinch pennies

save as much money as possible

a golden key can open any door
Anything can be accomplished with sufficient money (or the promise of it)
put the bite on (one)

Used to say that someone attempts to get money from you.

a light purse makes a heavy heart

Feeling worried about finance.

POSH - Port out, starboard home
Elegance, swanky, rich, of high class

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(as) steady as a rock

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I always thought that their marriage was steady as a rock..

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