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To ask for trouble in english explanation

The meaning, explanation, defination and origin of the idiom/phrase "to ask for trouble", English Idiom Dictionary ( also found in Vietnamese )

by Kathy Cao , Hung Vu , Jimmy Hung on 2020-05-28 10:05


  • ask for it , look for trouble

Verb Forms

  • Asking For Trouble
  • To Ask For Trouble
  • Asked For Trouble

Meaning of To ask for trouble (redirected from ask for trouble : This is an infinitive form from the original idiom "ask for trouble".)

Ask for trouble informal verb
informal verb To behave or act in a manner that will very likely result in trouble, difficulty, or danger - Internet

You shouldn't leave your children alone in the house like that or you’re asking for trouble.

Hey! Calm down! I know you're annoyed with your boss for making you work overtime so many times, but don't go asking for trouble!

Anybody who invites a complete stranger into their house is asking for trouble.

Those kids were just asking for trouble when they broke my house's windows.

Citi: Internet .
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